IPN Online 2.0 Officially Launched

The IPN Online 2.0, which was initially pilot-tested in the Main Library in April 2014, has been officially launched in January (2016). A training-workshop was conducted on January 13, 2016 and attended by the library staff from the different College/Unit Libraries in Diliman.

As of this writing, the online newspaper index database includes more than 230,000 article indexes in 33 newspaper titles.

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IPN Online 2.0 Staff Training on May 26, 2014

A training-workshop on IPN Online 2.0 was successfully conducted on May 26, 2014 at the Training Room of the Main Library, U.P. Diliman. Participants included selected staff from the Filipiniana Serials, Media Services, and University Archives and Records Depository, who are involved in the indexing of newspaper articles, digitization, and servicing of newspapers in print and microfilm.

Resource persons were from the Computer Services, namely, Chito Angeles and Val Crisostomo, developers of the new IPN Online 2.0.

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The Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) Online: Version 2.0 (Beta)

Welcome to the Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) Online Version 2.0. This is a rewrite of the original IPN Online developed by the same author in 2006. Expect a number of exciting new features in this new version, such as:

- More dynamic graphical user interfaces
- Improved authority record management
- Digital file (full-text article) downloads

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Recent Articles Indexed

About the IPN

The Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) is the University of the Philippines Main Library's index to locally published newspapers. The newspaper index, which started in 1981, was originally a guide to eight (8) locally published newspapers, namely: Manila Bulletin; Philippine Daily Express; Manila Chronicle; Philippine Daily Inquirer; Philippine Star; Malaya; Manila Times; and Times Journal.

An initial automation of the newspaper index, which started in 1991, continued until 1995. During this time, records were encoded in a CDS/ISIS database. After 1995, the project was stopped due to the unavailability of staff to encode and verify records in the database.

In 2001, another attempt to automate the IPN was initiated by the Chito Angeles (Head of Computer Services, University Library, UP Diliman), to continue encoding article indexes into a database. Records were converted from the CDS/ISIS to a new system using a proprietary database. The data in 3x5 slips from 2001 moving backwards to the 1996 issues were encoded by the Computer Services staff. Encoding continued until 2006 and the database has grown to more than 162,000 entries covering nine (9) newspapers published from 1991 to 2006.

In 2006, Chito Angeles completed the development of the Index to Philippine Newspapers Online as a requirement for his Master's degree in Library and Information Science. His thesis was entitled "Design and Implementation of a Web-based Online Database of the U.P. Diliman Main Library's Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) Online."

This year (2014), the development of a new version of the IPN Online (Version 2.0) was completed by the same author, with one of his staff, Val Crisostomo (IT Officer I), as co-developer.

The IPN Online 2.0 is a complete article indexing and newspaper management system. It includes the following major features:
- Newspaper Management / Issue Management
- Article Indexing
- Robust Search Engine with Full-text Search Capability
- Built-in Authority Record (for subject and name headings)
- Virtual Cart (for bookmarking records, printing, sending to email)
- Digital File (full-text article) Download